Our Approach

With our highly-skilled research team and research strategies and healthy database of more than 75,000 professionals, we are able to find top-tier passive candidates to fill mission-critical roles.

Our success comes
through partnering!

Let us assist in meeting your recruitment goals.

Needs Assessment

JAA / New Client

Environment Scan
and Research


Talent Sourcing /
Matching / Referral

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New Client

Placement Specialties

Corporations are becoming increasingly aware of the value of diversity in the workplace at all executive levels, as this dynamic increases a company’s ability to compete in the expanding global marketplace. J. Anderson & Associates is continuously able to exceed the expectations of its clients and candidates due to the company’s strong relationships within the diversity community, with an extensive database of top talent, diverse and non-diverse, expert industry knowledge and key disciplines, and most importantly, impeccable customer service.

Our Commitment

Its history, business, vision, culture, and complexity.

Incorporating your needs and expectations, and the realities of the marketplace.
Based upon our understanding of the organization and your needs and expectations.
To begin matching JAA’s existing sources and to identify and tap “fresh” sources.
To cull best-fit “probables” and best-fit “maybes.”
In-depth and in-person in most cases.
Talent within 30 days in the form of our Status Report, summarizing activity to date.
JAA will arrange meetings with the talent in which you are most interested.
Throughout the process our focus on Relationship Management is to keep you informed and comfortable with JAA’s progress.
As part of our Process Review and Improvement and to position JAA to help you in future assignments, after you have selected the “right” person for the position, JAA will follow up with both you and the position incumbent to facilitate a smooth transition to effective job performance